Cutter & Co began after seeing friends and family struggle with blunt, scrappy, poor-quality kitchen knives and realizing that everyone needs to have a great knife in their kitchen. After all, we spend a good deal of time cooking and preparing meals for ourselves, family, and friends. 

The right tool makes any job easier. The problem is that people have had to choose between cheap, low-quality kitchen tools and overpriced ‘premium brands’. Neither of which seemed like a good option, so we decided to make something better, and thus Cutter & Co was born.

The hardest part about cooking (except for the clean-up after!) is the preparation; the cutting, chopping, dicing, and slicing. A strong, sharp, blade with the right profile, balance, and ergonomic handle will get you powering through preparation in no time.

Our founders comprise of home cooks and pro-Chefs - their culinary journeys ranging worldwide but it's Japan they look to for the know-how to make excellent blades. Their knives are renowned for their remarkable craftsmanship, which hails from the age-old sword-making tradition. We use the same principles and techniques to produce our knives. High-quality steel is heated, forged, and folded repeatedly, resulting in multiple layers. This process creates solid, hard steel that can be made razor-sharp, is durable, and looks fantastic.


At Cutter & Co, we combine these time-honored techniques with top-notch steel and contemporary Western design to create sharp, reliable, easy-to-maintain, and stunning knives—all at a fraction of the cost of a professional blade. Our ability to offer exceptional value springs from our modern steel production facilities and online-only sales model; we bypass traditional retail stores to pass these savings directly to you.

Our knives are hand-ground, sharpened, polished, and packaged. We stand by the quality of our knives, which is why we offer a 30-day test drive and money-back guarantee. Should you find yourself unsatisfied, we'll gladly refund your purchase.

A well-crafted, sharp, and elegant knife makes cutting effortless and precise and allows you to slice like a pro using the ‘pinch and claw’ cutting method. Elevate your cooking game with Cutter & Co's exceptional knives today.


We believe that good food is a cornerstone of a healthy body and soul.  We believe you simply cannot beat wholesome, nutritious home cooking. Our mission is to get more people into the kitchen, cooking and sharing delicious meals.