Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put these knives in the dishwasher?

Knives that are placed in the dishwasher may knock against other items and dull or chip the blade. The high temperature, moisture, and chemicals may damage the handle. For this reason, we do not recommend washing your knives in a dishwasher. For cleaning, we recommend washing by hand with a mild dishwashing detergent. 

How should I care for my knives?

Always wash your Cutter & Co by hand with warm soapy water. Do not place them in the dishwasher or leave them soaking in water. Dry thoroughly before storing although our knives are made with high-quality stainless steel, keeping them clean and dry after use is essential.

How should I store my knives?

Correct storage helps protect you and your knives. Magnetic strips, knife blocks, and blade guards all have advantages, and we suggest choosing the one that works best for you. Never store your knives unprotected in a drawer because other items can damage the edge, and the blade could injure hands reaching in. Always ensure your blade is clean and dry before storing.

How do I maintain my knife's sharp edge?

A honing rod will re-straighten the knife's edge and is a crucial way to maintain your blade. We recommend honing your knife after every few uses. It's important to note that honing is not the same as sharpening, honing straightens the knife's edge, whereas sharpening removes steel and redefines the knife edge. Sharpening is less frequently applied. A honing rod is simple to use, you can learn the technique here.

How should I sharpen my knives?

Even the sharpest of blades will require a touch-up every so often. How frequently to sharpen will depend on use, but twice a year for most households is a guide.

We recommend using Japanese water stones to sharpen your knives. They can take a little practice, but in our experience, there is no better way to get a sharp knife without removing too much steel. Here's a step by step video to guide you.

Alternatively, you may prefer to seek a professional knife sharpening service to sharpen for you.

What type of cutting board should I use?

We recommend using either wood or plastic for a cutting board. Never use glass, marble, stone, or other hard materials as they can dull and damage knives and also are a safety hazard as knives are prone to slipping (and may cause serious injury) on hard surfaces.

What type of guarantee do you offer?

All knives come with our Cutter & Co easy-cut 30-day money-back guarantee. Test drive it for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied return the product to us for a full refund.

Additionally, all knives carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Although we are confident in the craftsmanship behind our knives, we understand that sometimes the unexpected does occur. If any of our products do not meet the standard required please contact us. Normal wear and tear are not covered, but we will send you a replacement or fix your product if you experience issues caused by a manufacturing defect. Accidental damage caused by improper use, storage, dropping or damage caused by a failure to follow our usage guidelines is not covered.

What kind of steel is used for your knives?

We use Japanese VG-10 steel core Damascus steel. Vacuum heat treated, forged, and folded to create 67 layers of incredibly, strong, hard (HRC 58-60) steel that is long-lasting and holds a superior edge.

What is the handle material?

The handle on our Goldsmith series is made from carbon fiber with bespoke gold foil flecks and bound with high-grade resin.

Where are Cutter & Co knives made?

Cutter & Co. knives are made in Yangjiang city. Yangjiang has a knife-making history dating back centuries and today is a steel and knife-making powerhouse in Asia. Our knives are made with centuries-old know-how and Japanese styling in modern state-of-the-art factory facilities.

Are Cutter & Co knives any good?

Our knives are carefully crafted using a combination of traditional techniques with state of the art modern manufacturing processes and materials. All knives are assembled, ground, sharpened,  polished, inspected, and packaged by hand. Our knives have been put through hundreds of hours of rigorous testing in commercial kitchens with professional chefs to ensure they can meet your demands.

Are Cutter & Co knives really sharp?

Yes, all knives are hand sharpened, 9-12 degrees, double beveled (except serrated knife) and ready to go out of the box.

Are these knives comfortable?

Cutter & Co knives are designed for maximum comfort; the blade profile and shape of the knife facilitate smooth easy cutting. Our knives are well-balanced to prevent fatigue. While the handle is ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort. Handles are hand fitted, aligned, and polished ensuring no rough edges.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide (excluding North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria).